Educational scholarship program for poor


Accelerating Social and access inclusion

The Country has implemented Universal free Primary and Secondary Education but still some Ugandans living in poverty find it hard to send their children to school. This is due to lack of scholastic materials, long distances to schools and other problems. Some children who have been orphaned by the scourge of HIV and AIDS have dropped out of school and girls gotten married off at an early age. Our goal is to see to it that these children stay in school since they are the future of the country and will be an educate human resource . We are currently sponsoring children in different schools and providing some scholastic materials to enable them pursue their dreams. With the help of kind-hearted donors, we will not relent and hope to help many disadvantaged children become productive members of society.

Approximately 81% of the households sampled stated that lack of money was the reason why their children dropped out of school, while 58% claimed financial constraints was the reason their children never enrolled in school in the first place. Other major indicators resulting in low enrolment rates and high drop-out rates include child’s involvement in domestic work, long distances to school and child’s obligations towards the family business and family farm. Approximately 28% of those sampled stated that a child’s lack of interest in school contributed to high drop-out rates, while 20% claimed that overcrowding of classrooms was a major factor.

  • Sensitize parents on the importance of sending their children to school and improve tracking of those who dropped out.
  • Improve school environment and recruit more teachers, construct more classrooms and introduce alternative methods of punishment.
  • Involve community members and provide training for Local leaders (LCs) in education issues consider implementing medical facilities and placing nurses in school (long-term measure).
  • Construct more schools to address the issue of walking long distances to school,

All the above can be achieved through partnerships can be achieved through partnerships both locally and internationally.