Uganda has seen an increase of the number of people with disabilities, It is estimated that between 6 and 16 percent are classified as disabled with physical, mental and sensory impairments. These people have been marginalized and left out of most of the social, economic and political spheres of the communities in which they reside. Parents with children that are disabled have been found not to invest in them in terms of education and regularly keep them in isolation thinking that it is a curse and an embarrassment. People with disabilities in Uganda find it difficult to access health facilities and other government services due to lack of awareness by the relevant authorities. Things like parking reservation and ramps are not installed in different infrastructure designs, which ends up marginalizing this group of people further. Our efforts are aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities through awareness raising, education and including these people in all sectors of life and making them productive members of the communities they live in. We aim to improve mobility, inclusiveness, access to services and information plus their general welfare.


We have almost 1.5 million people in Uganda who are over the age of 60 years, By this age most people in the country can be classified as aged though the World Health Organisation considers 50 years in Sub-Saharan Africa which even puts the number of old people higher. It is forecast that by 2050, the number of old people is expected to reach 5.5 million people. As people grow old, they begin facing challenges in health. These include hearing loss, physical and mental disabilities, diabetes, depression and many more health challenges.
These challenges are made worse due to the lack of specialised health care and equipped health care infrastructure. Uganda also has no social safety nets designed to cater for old people who are not employed. We aim to seek out these people and offer them the care and support they need in the evenings of their lives. Our activities aim to improve the lives of the elderly through communal support, regular health visits and when possible, offer financial support to help them meet the challenges they face.


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